The Invisible Door Stop was invented in 2012 by our Founder & CEO Jeffrey L. Karcher. The Invisible Door Stop will solve all of the problems that people have with traditional door stops. With IDS there will be no more holes in drywall, hollow core doors, trim and no more replacing those cheap door stops that caused the trouble in the first place. The answer is clear. IDS' Invisible Door Stop is the way to go. How many holes will you fix, how many doors and door stops will you replace before you try IDS!!!

The Zero Degree Security Sleeve was invented in 2013 by our Founder & CEO Jeffrey L. Karcher. The Zero Degree is not currently on the market, but will be soon. The Zero Degree Security Sleeve will revolutionize the manner in which society secures their doors. The Zero Degree fits over the connecting round of IDS' own specially engineered hinge. When The Zero Degree Security Sleeve is in place it restricts the hinge from opening, ensuring that your door will not open. IDS is expecting big things for our Zero Degree Security Sleeve. IDS is always hard at work finding innovative solutions to problems found in the door hardware industry. Thank you. 

















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IDS is an LLC operating out of Portland, Oregon. We are a young and innovative company with plans to change the face of the Door Hardware Market. We would like to hear from you and offer any answers or explanations about our company or products. IDS is proud to be a member of the Building a Better America Council (BBAC)! 

Thank you for your business and interest with IDS, LLC.

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